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Refugees in Dunkirk are hunted by the police. Like World War One soldiers, many have consumed shoes, resulting in the so called “trench foot”. That is why we want to buy new shoes and let the worn out ones tell their human story in Brussels. Will you join?


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The situation in Dunkirk 

Find out the situation of refugees in Dunkirk (France).
In this short video we speak with Charlie Chappers from Mobile Refugee Support. He shows photos that are heartbreaking and says that his aid organization encounters the highest number of trench feet.

Donate a pair of shoes for 25 euros this Christmas period and help change European policy.

Why shoes !

For several years Claudette Hannebicque has become involved with people in her hometown. Men, women, children who have fled from war, violence and oppression.

Our team asked her about the situation.
In two minutes see what she is doing in Dunkirk and what her answer is.

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A pair of shoes costs around 25 euros. That is why we are looking for 1,000 donors who are willing to give 25 euros each. Do you want to sponsor more shoes or do you have less to spend? Together we can give 1,000 refugees new shoes!

  • Donate online using the form below, or transfer to IBAN account NL47TRIO0338725326 attn Quartermasters, in the name of 1000Shoes.
  • Only the amount is required in the form. You can also send us a message and we will respond to it.

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