About us

We are a group of Europeans who stand for a humane asylum policy in Europe. Evert Sulman, founder of Kwartiermakers “Quartermasters”, initiated the action.

Kwartiermakers is a faith-based organization that facilitates citizen initiatives with social impact.

Kwartiermakers proudly supports the work of the Stand By You Foundation “SBYF” through the 1000 Shoes campaign.
SBYF’s mission is to send volunteers within Europe to various locations to provide refugees with basic help.

old shoes

Our goal

Men, women and children are hunted down close to the French border. They don’t have a refugee shelter, corona is spreading and winter sets in. Like the soldiers in Dunkirk during World War I, the people fleeing war and violence have trench foot.

Shoes are worth gold, the most basic necessity to get. That is why we collect money for 1,000 shoes. The worn-out shoes are crying out for a humane reception policy, and our aim is to bring them to Brussels and the capitals of the Member States.

We do not try to find an answer to the political question of refugees; we are convinced that people should be treated humanely; no matter when, how and where. That is our goal.



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